Architect’s Mantra

Software is one big building with many floors and rooms. Architecture is all around you, […]

MonoGame Sprite Animation

In games, you often want to have your characters or game objects appear as if […]


Development of AI in Games When developers were working on a new game in the […]

Runtime AOP tools

Runtime AOP tools create decorator/proxy classes dynamically at runtime. These classes are built by examining […]

Building for Failure

While most of us aren’t building websites for banks, medical centers, or the NCSA, it’s […]

Expression Vs Function in Entity Framework

Sometimes developers don’t know whether they should use a Func<> or an Expression<Func<>> with the Entity Framework and LINQ. […]

Simple Parallax Scrolling for 2d games

Parallax scrolling is a technique that is frequently used in sidescrolling 2D games to give […]

MonoGame: Collision Detection

Reacting to Solid Objects Collision detection is an important technique that you should learn. It […]

Artificial Intelligence Programming with C#

A Neural Network is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodology that attempts to mimic the behavior […]

Mocks aren’t stubs (Just a quick review)

I know that Martin Fowler has written about this extensively, but I wanted to write […]